To thrive in today's complicated and ever-changing economic and regulatory climate, a company needs a legal partner that understands the law and the practical ramifications of the law for their particular industry. The success of our clients is our top priority at Enara Law. Proactively minimizing legal risks while anticipating future risks as your business grows, are our primary roles as trusted advisors to our clients..

Enara Law's business attorneys offer creative and efficient solutions that can help your business succeed in its legal and regulatory compliance. If you have a legal issue that needs to be handled by a full service business legal team, we are here to help. We have extensive experience in all aspects of business law, from business formation, business and contract disputes, business torts and mergers and acquisitions.

The Way We Handle Business Law Is Unique

At Enara Law, we deliver legal expertise and advice that is tailored to the needs of small and medium sized businesses. Unlike larger law firms which seek to maximize their profits with larger clients, our clients value the transparency of our business attorneys and their practical, cost-effective strategies. Our business lawyers take the time and effort to get to each and every one of our client’s and their businesses. As a result, we finely tune and tailor any work performed, to fit our clients needs both for today, and as their business grows in the future.

Our clients benefit from our broad range of expertise because of our in-depth industry knowledge and business acumen. Our business attorneys have years of experience advising businesses from startup, financing and fundraising transactions for growth, and their eventual exit via acquisition. And in the unfortunate event your business finds itself in a dispute, our team of business lawyers can help aggressively represent your business and its interests in a lawsuit.

Why Choose Enara Law, Business Lawyers in Washington, DC


Integrity means doing the sensible thing while nobody is looking, even if it's easier or more convenient to do something different. We always put our clients' needs first, and we'll never take shortcuts or charge extra fees for our own revenue. We know that doing what is best for our customers is best for us when it comes down to it. .


Having a clear understanding of our client's objectives is essential to achieving their goals. To understand why a potential client is looking for a lawyer and how we can help them, we take the time to find out why they are looking for a lawyer in the first place taking the added steps in our intake process to extract the needed information on the front end better equips our attorneys during their first consultation. .


Being sued or needing to sue someone can be frightening and confusing. Having the ability to contact us at any time, answer our clients' questions, and provide them with the information they need to make an informed decision is vital to us. You'll always know where your case stands if you work with our Enara Law Business Lawyers. We return phone calls and emails promptly, just as we would expect the same from others. .

We will win your case

Our lawyers understand that each case is unique and demands creative thought, intense pursuit, and individual attention. We choose the cases we take on very carefully, and we only take on those that we are confident in winning. Customers deserve personalized service and cost-effective solutions, ensuring that we can provide both. If you choose us, you won't be dissatisfied because we of our high success rate. .

Client satisfaction is our priority

Our firm focuses on providing an exceptional legal service model that adds value to our client's legal needs. We know that a client's perception of value extends far beyond a billable hour. There are many ways to measure value, but the most important are effective tracking and reporting systems, imaginative ways to reduce legal risk, increased cost certainty, and results. Our business law services have been endorsed by each one of our clients. .

Services We Offer as Washington, DC Business Lawyers

Business Lawyer Subscription

Choosing our Business Lawyer Subscription gives you complete access to our nationwide general counsel services for a flat monthly fee. You can pick the plan that best suits your needs now and then add more services as your business and legal requirements evolve. An efficient, flat fee solution that allows you to contact your lawyer for any of your business legal and general counsel matters, without the fear of an hourly bill. .

Business Formation

Selecting the appropriate business entity is essential for any entrepreneur to protect their future business interests. Among the most crucial considerations in selecting a business entity are tax minimization and reducing legal liabilities, as both are crucial for any business owner to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently. When selecting a business entity type, all business owners should look at the best means of: separating their personal assets from their business liabilities, pursuing the most advantageous tax structure, considering whether their goals include raising capital from investors, whether to offer equity to employees and service providers, and the overall costs of creating and maintaining the entity.

Our business formation lawyers have years of experience advising new business owners, entrepreneurs, and founders on the best entity for their business plans, and quickly forming their new business, all for a flat fee.


Business Contracts

Contracts serve as the foundation for the most valuable business deals and transactions for any business. The contracts attorneys at Enara Law have years of experience representing clients in drafting and reviewing contracts, to ensure that their interests are protected and to minimize future downside legal risks. Our breach of contract attorneys also have experience zealously advocating for our clients in breach of contract lawsuits and disputes, to ensure your interests are protected. .

Business Litigation

Our business litigation lawyers implement strategies are premised on our clients' best interests for an efficient and cost-effective resolution to your dispute. Our expertise in dispute and trial resolution ensures our client’s the ability to have their interests aggressively represented in court, without the fear of excess legal fees. Enara Law’s trial lawyers always work to achieve resolve disputes quickly, so that you can continue to operate your business, without surmounting legal fees and the unwanted distraction of protracted litigation. .

Business Torts and Commercial Disputes

A wide range of commercial and business disputes can be handled by our firm’s business and trial lawyers, including cases involving breach of contract, fraud, real estate disputes, defamation, and interference with contractual relations. .

Contracts Disputes & Breach of Contract

All too often, our attorney’s have seen the risks associated to business owners when a party fails to fulfill its obligations under a contract or agreement.. A rational and pragmatic approach is taken at Enara Law when dealing with breach of contract claims. We want to reach a settlement as quickly as possible, and while we recognize that litigation is an option, we always seek and advise clients on the the most cost- efficient means of enforcing your contractual rights, without the need for being stuck in an endless court proceeding. .

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