Our Scottsdale business law attorneys at Enara Law PLLC, provide a wide range of legal services to entrepreneurs and business owners in various industries including technology, finance, real estate, e-commerce, fashion, marketing, distribution, medical and many other specialized medium to small businesses. We also offer experienced and aggressive litigation attorneys offering services at a flat rate fee. Our business lawyers take pride in our efficient and effective solutions for businesses from their initial business formation through their eventual exit through a sale or purchase.

Working with a Scottsdale Business Attorney

Our business attorneys work to help advise Scottsdale businesses on ways to minimize their legal risk in ensure their businesses are protected from legal liabilities.

We offer a variety of corporate and business legal practice services, tailored to the demands of companies, business owners, individuals and entrepreneurs. We provide clarity, guidance and strategic business legal counsel to our clients as they establish, grow and sell their companies.

Our business litigation lawyers specialize in aggressively representing clients with a variety of disputes such as partner disputes, fraud claims, and breach of contract claims. Knowing that litigation is a distraction and source of discomfort for any business, our attorneys employ strategies to attempt to bring a swift resolution to drawn out disputes.

Business Lawyer in Scottsdale for Businesses of All Sizes

From the moment a business is formed, and throughout its life cycle, there are legal and compliance issues that may arise. Business law is not only one area of law, but many areas that govern a company’s existence, operation and eventual sale. Business formation, operation, contracts, financing, intellectual property, and acquisitions are a few of the major areas that govern business law. Our business lawyers’ primary goal is to be an extension of your team- to help entrepreneurs, founders, and executives understand their business’ legal needs and the most effective and efficient means of helping them achieve their objectives, protect their assets and avoid common pitfalls.

Our business lawyers help newly emerging entrepreneurs understand the distinctions between and select the right business entity type for their business goals, including: Sole proprietorship, Partnerships and limited liability partnerships (LLP), limited liability companies (LLC), and Corporations (Inc.)

Scottsdale Business Formation Attorneys

The Scottsdale business formation attorneys at Enara Law have revolutionized the way you form a business Nationwide. We offer three extensive plans (as shown above) that tend to the needs of every business entrepreneur looking to start a business. Enara Law offers business formation services at a flat fee rate with absolutely no hidden fees. Choosing from one of the three selections above makes starting a business that much easier and safer knowing that you have the backing of a law firm. Give us a call today at 602-687-2010 and begin your new business venture now.

The dedicated business formation lawyers at Enara will help you with all legal aspects of your business startup formation, such as Entity selection. Some of the most popular entity types are C corporation, S corporation, general partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company, professional limited liability company, and sole proprietor. Filing, Enara will help you through the process of filing and registering your business with the requisite state agencies. Incorporating documents and process. Enara will help you with all aspects of the initial documentation, including articles of incorporation/ articles of organization, EIN number, opening minutes, bylaws, your first organization meeting, explanations to stockholders and LLC members, and the information we will file with the Secretary of State. Ensuring you choose the correct corporate structure at the beginning makes coming to an exit much easier should you have to hand over documents due to diligence. We are a paperless firm and create every document from scratch, making every document customized towards your specific business practices.


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