Contracts are an essential and regular component of operating a business. By executing contracts, parties formalize their agreements to be bound by fulfilling their obligations or face the consequences of a breach of contract. Without the ability to enter into contracts, businesses and other organizations would be limited in their ability to operate. Companies would be unable to hire employees, lease office space, purchase equipment and supplies from vendors, or sell their products or services with limited risk, absent the use of contracts. And while contracts have been around for generations, evolutions in agreements, the way we do business and the way obligations are performed, leave no shortage of inventiveness in contract drafting.

The Phoenix contracts attorneys at Enara Law are experienced lawyers in many areas of contracts law. Our contract lawyers have their own entrepreneurial backgrounds, which supplements their extensive experience in negotiating, drafting, and enforcing contractual agreements for a wide array of clients.


At the most basic level contracts are agreements creating obligations that become enforceable by law. In order to have a contract in place, the contracting parties must have a mutual understanding and assent, consideration, capacity to contract, and legality. When a party deviates from their obligations under a contract, a business dispute may arise and that party can be found in breach of contract, and the non-breaching party can be awarded specific performance and an array of damages, including general damages, consequential damages and reliance damages. The nationwide contracts attorneys at Enara Law also have experience representing clients in business litigation in pursuit of damages.

As more and more businesses are started, especially tech startups, it is absolutely essential that a company's foundational contracts are well-drafted in an effort to protect a business from inception. When well-drafted by a nationwide contract attorney, contracts establish parties obligations in a clear and concise manner, protecting both parties to an agreement from future liability.


The contract attorneys at Enara law have years of experience dealing with contractual matters for individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout Phoenix, Arizona and nationwide. We handle a wide variety of contracts, including business to business contracts, employment contracts, sales and purchase agreements, and intellectual property contracts, including SAAS and licensing agreements.

Our team of contract attorneys strive to ensure our clients are provided with the information they need to be well informed of their rights, obligations, and downside risks, when entering into contractual obligations. Enara Law can help you with:

  • Contract Negotiation - our contracts attorneys aggressively represent our clients, to protect them from unfavorable contractual terms and obligations, in an effort to protect their interests and objectives

  • Contract Drafting - we receive input from both parties to the contract, and write a agreement that ensures the objectives are met while protecting the interests of our clients

  • Contract Review - our team of contracts lawyers can review the terms of a contract for unfavorable terms, or inconsistencies, in an effort to ensure our client’s do not inadvertently accept adverse terms

  • Contract Litigation - when contractual obligations are broken or deviated from, our team of contracts lawyers and business attorneys can litigate your breach of contract case


At Enara Law, we understand that if you’re looking for a contracts attorney, you’re likely in a situation where you need to balance your company’s legal risks, while managing your operation. And with that in mind- our contracts lawyers in Phoenix work with you to get you to efficiently and quickly provide all your legal business needs, so that you can get back to focusing on operating your company.

That’s why at Enara Law, we’ve created a pricing model that allows small business owners to dedicate their time and resources to the management and operation of their business, not to the legal fees to protect it from the liability of a dispute. The Enara pledge of Bringing Legal to Light® is all about transparency and simplicity.


The experienced contracts lawyers at Enara Law are here to guide and counsel your business and help negotiate, draft, and enforce your contracts.

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