We provide comprehensive, full-scope assistance from structuring and negotiation, agreement documentation, transaction due diligence, and closing of the transaction itself. Our M&A lawyers at Enara Law utilize all resources to perform due diligence for clients on essential factors such as tax-efficient structures, advice strategies, regulatory compliance, financing, and employee benefits in the acquired entity.

We align our interests with those of our clients to ensure we get your deal done- if your deal doesn’t close, you owe us no attorney’s fees.

Our transactions lawyers work on a flat fee contingency basis

a-first-of-its-kind model in the legal industry.


Our clients are provided all the services and resources necessary to negotiate and produce letters of intent, the structure of financial agreements, complete all due diligence inquiries and required disclosure, and complete the formation of any entities required for the completion of a transaction.

So whether you are a small business owner with a first-time transaction or a seasoned serial business owner, we offer the expertise and knowledge to get the deal done- efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner.

Enara Law’s attorneys are more than just lawyers- we are business advisors. Every single client works directly with an experienced advocate who guides them through the business process from start to finish. Unlike oversized law firms that solely focus on multi-billion dollar deals and over staff each deal in order to bill exorbitant fees by the hour, we understand our clients’ need for cost-efficient flexibility.

Enara Law provides an experienced lawyer and team to handle each transaction eliminating the costly practice of larger firms adding unnecessary resources merely to add additional cost to clients. Rather, our approach to mergers and acquisitions allows our clients to extract maximum value from their legal team, all for a flat fee.


Enara Law attorneys specialize in middle-market merger and acquisition deals- focusing on the needs of small and medium businesses throughout the process of a transaction. As the M&A transactions continue to experience unprecedented growth in number and valuation, our legal advisors are there to guide you through the ever increasing complexities of domestic and cross border deal procedures. Our lawyers have helped a wide array of companies with buying and selling transactions, closing acquisitions, and multimillion-dollar exits. Our clients include numerous private companies at all stages of growth and have included exits to publicly traded and internationally based companies. This often means negotiating overseas, multi-state and cross-border undertakings, representing our clients before public conglomerates and other large enterprises with global interests.

Our M&A lawyers restructure workouts in virtually any transaction that our client wishes to pursue (Including in and out of bankruptcy), a few structural transactions are as followed:

  • Equity sales and purchases
  • Asset sales and purchases
  • Stock sales and purchases
  • Mergers
  • Tender offers
  • Recapitalizations
  • Spin-offs / Split-offs
  • Joint venture and strategic alliances
  • Leveraged buyouts


Financing of merger and acquisition transactions can take a variety of forms, and purchasers rely on us to help secure and document the financing that’s right for their deal. Our ties to financial and investment firms (in and out of state) mean we often work with investment banks, private equity firms, investor groups, and commercial banks in our M&A deal(s) to complete transactions with greater ease and efficiency.

As an acquirer, access to the necessary capital is one of your primary transactional concerns. If you are involved in a leveraged acquisition, we can negotiate the terms and assist in the documentation of a variety of debt financing arrangements, involving conventional bank debt, mezzanine financing, and seller-provided financing.


Our attorneys regularly service Startups and emerging companies as corporate counsel or outside general counsel through our Business Lawyer Subscription. As such, we provide early involvement and advice to best counsel businesses from their emerging stages to their point of exit. Working to handle all details of finance, growth, tender offers, and leveraged buy-outs. We want to provide you with the complex securities that arise during a deal and any tax issues that these transactions involve.

We understand that for many startups and emerging companies, the cost is the greatest pain point and fear of involving an attorney. That's why all of our services, including our M&A transaction services, are done for a flat fee. And we want our business clients to know that we stand with you on getting the deal done- that's why we are paid nothing if your deal doesn’t close.


That's right! At Enara Law, we understand that if you are looking for an M&A attorney, you’re likely in the position to acquire or sell your business, but still required to focus on operating your company and driving profits. With that in mind - our attorneys work with you to get you efficient results, maintain costs, and allow you to continue to drive your business effectively. We want to complete the deal in a manner that is prolific to growth so that the merging or acquiring process is seamless.

That’s why at Enara Law, we’ve created a business-friendly pricing model- one that allows business owners to dedicate their time and resources to the management and operation of their business, not to the legal fees that follow when a deal is in the midst of closing. The Enara pledge of Bringing Legal to Light® is all about transparency and simplicity- we never bill you by the hour, and our legal services are performed for a flat-fee, with no hidden fees. And for our transactions clients, we stand with you on getting the deal done- we don't charge for our services if your deal doesn't close. Call us today (602) 687-2010.