Arizona lawyers - Aggressive Representation - Exceptional Results

Enara Law is here to help not only their own clients but also:

  • Out-of-state lawyers who are handling an Arizona business litigation or know someone in need of an experienced business lawyer
  • Arizona lawyers who do not have the experience to handle serious business inquiries
  • Arizona lawyers who do not practice business law or litigation at all that have taken on a client who has embroiled themselves into lawsuit or in need of a mergers and acquisitions attorney.
  • Attorneys who refer us cases typically do so because they want to bring in an award-winning legal team known for their zealous representation. Also, lawyers who are not familiar with the laws, process and procedure of handling a business case, sale, or acquisition in Arizona look to hire attorneys like us who can help produce top results.

    Based on our success rate and reputation, we are regularly contacted by other lawyers, in-state and out of state. We understand that it can be overwhelming as an Arizona lawyer when you do not practice business law to then handle a complex business situation, with high stakes litigation. For out-of-state lawyers, we know it can be difficult to handle an injury claim when you do not know the ins and outs of Arizona local civil procedure, including important deadlines. We are here to help and answer all your questions.

    For many cases, we are able to accept referral cases and agree to a co-counsel relationship or a referral fee for the case, in accordance with jurisdictional rules of professional conduct. For these cases, we are happy to discuss the business matter or case, and guarantee the referral fees or co-counsel relationship in writing.

  • Call (602) 687-2010 and if our Arizona business attorneys are able to help, an appointment can be scheduled right away for you to speak with one of the Enara Law team members.