March 9, 2022

Intellectual Property Contract(s) 

Agreements can be designed to establish and preserve the business or individual’s IP (intellectual property) rights. Because of the array of agreements in which parties can […]
February 11, 2022

Business Formation Agreements: Reasons to Have a Founders Agreement

A Founders’ agreement is the beginning document every new business formation should have because it serves as the bedrock of your business. The tone is set, […]
January 14, 2022

What is a Service Agreement and Does Your Business Need One?

A service agreement is a written contract between a service provider and its client(s). In many instances it is also known as a service contract or […]
December 17, 2021

How To Choose The Correct Business Structure For You

Which Business Structure Is The Right Fit For You? The most critical choice you will have to make after deciding to start your business is choosing […]
December 2, 2021

When Is Crowdfunding Right For Your Business?

Attaching enough financing to start a business is more often than not the primary concern of many green entrepreneurs and business owners alike. One major business […]
November 15, 2021

The Benefits of Having Outside Legal Counsel

Starting your own business takes time, dedication, and a lot of discipline. If your company is green and just starting out, you will want to have […]
November 2, 2021

Moving Your LLC to Another State: LLC Domestication

Life comes at you fast, which means having a business attorney readily available to roll with the punches of your business needs is imperative. Whether you […]
October 12, 2021

Reasons To Consider An M&A Deal

Significant mergers and acquisitions show up in the news constantly, but M&A deals with small to medium-sized businesses looking to do these transactions are even more […]
October 7, 2021

What To Do When The Partners/Members Of An LLC Come To A Disagreement

An LLC (Limited Liability Company) usually involves multiple partners that make up the ownership and have equally invested in a business venture. With any joint business […]